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Graphic design is the next big thing when it comes to promoting ad campaigns. The right set of designs, typography, icons, brand logos, shapes, texts and colour palettes can work wonders in promoting your product and making your way through the market.

Pick any brand like Facebook and think of the first thing that comes to your mind. Is it the posts, images sections, timeline designs or the bright blue ‘f’ figure studded with a white background that fills your brain? That’s exactly what creative thinking and a splash of imaginative designing can do to your brand.

There are exactly five essential prerequisite design elements for paid campaigns namely typography, visuals, space, colours, lines and shapes. Data analysis predicts that an average person comes around 10,000 ads per day when surfing through online websites. Considering the immense competition and the colossal numbers of ads, it’s a designer’s job to make your advertisement the brightest, most informative and thoughtful enough for a visitor to become a customer!

To begin with, the first and foremost key element is the right typography. Typography refers to the style and appearance of a text. Now considering the time that your ad displays, the right typography, its boldness, size, colour and precisely the clarity is immeasurably important for spreading the message. Don’t get intimidated while experimenting with different ranges of fonts, colours or when it comes to italicizing the text. Whatever it is, the content and the right typography is a massive part of the right ad campaign.

In addition to this, visuals play an important role in seeking a visitor’s attention. Ads are an inconspicuous way of making people aware about your business. It is essential that you use the right kind of illustrations, videos, logos, pie charts and other visual representations of data and numbers to keep the customers engaged and intrigued.

Colour palette or the right stroke and blend of hues in your campaigns also play a marvellous role in seeking attention. Imagine you are promoting or floating an advertisement for a food ordering website, so what would you like more as a customer? A flyer that is bland and pastel or a campaign with vibrant colours and scrumptious food on display? The second definitely. This is how graphic design works!

Lastly, the line and shapes in your advertisement speak a lot about the efforts put into floating the campaigns. A graphic designer should be well aware of different shapes such as organic, geometric or 3D visuals.

Whatever be the ad campaign the perfect mixture of all extensive and colossal key elements is essential for attracting customers! You are never too late to get crafty and innovative with your ideas and brainstorm your thoughts for the best campaign.

At innovidesign labs, we help set up a reputed brand identity with appropriate ad campaigns while simultaneously increasing your website traffic. Innovidesign labs specialise in strategizing, branding and communicating all your requirements and providing you the desired results.

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