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Are you still sending out emails, waiting for your potential leads to show up to you? Or do you spend a lot of money on Facebook ads? If you answered yes, I’m afraid I have to inform you that you’re doing everything wrong.

After a few years of digital marketing, you’ll see that Facebook Messenger marketing is considerably more successful and worthwhile than running traditional Facebook ads or sending out pointless emails.

Are you wondering why? Let me tell you.

  • Open rates for Facebook Messenger messages range from 50 to 80%.
  • The clickthrough rate on Facebook Messenger messages is 20%, particularly if utilizing chat blasting.
  • The conversion rate of Facebook Messenger messages is 3-5 times greater than those of traditional Facebook advertisements.
  • Facebook Messenger advertising is 30 to 50 times less expensive than Facebook advertisements.

To help you further in the process of Facebook Messenger Marketing, here are some simple yet powerful Facebook Hidden Tools that will help you increase your traffic and conversions by multiple folds –

  1. Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing is the most basic and user-friendly of all our hidden tools. It provides you with a competitive edge by allowing you to be the first to market. Essentially, you send Facebook Messenger messages to your consumers, this is our TOOL #1.

  • Comment Guard

For this TOOL #2 , you make a Facebook post.

Anyone who leaves a comment on the post will receive an automated private message from you via Messenger. They’ll be added to your Facebook Messenger contact list if they respond to this message.

Yes, its that simple!

  • Click to Messenger Ads

Manually responding to hundreds of messages may be difficult. As a result, we recommend using TOOL #3.

A regular Facebook ad with a twist is a Click-to-Messenger Ad. Rather than directing visitors to a homepage, you direct them to a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

The individual becomes a lead after they begin the Facebook Messenger process. The bot then takes control and guides them through the sales process.

  • Chat Blaster

Chat blasting, our TOOL #4 is a quick and effective way to get the text in front of your whole Facebook Messenger list.

It has the ability to capture the attention of your target audience in a matter of minutes while also raising your leads and so boosting your conversion rates!

  • Warm Engaged Invites

You may use TOOL#5 to see who has interacted with your article and ask them to like the page.

This is beneficial since it allows you to reach interested followers. Facebook’s algorithm will penalize you if you have a large number of Facebook followers but little engagement.

Instead, select the followers who’ll be present and contact everyone personally.

  • Send Personal Invites in Messenger

TOOL #6 is to encourage your friends to like your company page and to do so using Messenger.

On your Facebook page, select the “Community” option, then “Invite Friends to Like Your Page.” You may invite friends by sending a customized greeting from this page.

  • Competitor Ad Espionage

You won’t be able to access your competitor’s targeted statistics or ad budget using this TOOL #7, but you will be able to easily find out where, how frequently, and what they are marketing.

This is referred to as “Ethical Espionage.”

  • View Competitor’s Ads

To begin using the TOOL #8, locate and press the ‘i’ icon on your competitor’s Facebook profile.

You can see if the page has ever had a different name, when it was created, and who the page managers are on this page. This information is valuable.

“Go to Ad Library” is the next button you should tap. You’ll be able to see the advertisements here if the page has ran any. This means you can view the advertising they’re running right now as well as previous ads they’ve ran. You can observe whether they utilize similar ad content or picture styles, and then adapt those techniques to your own page.

  • Page Competition Gauge

Go to Facebook Page Insights to access this TOOL#9.

Scroll down to “Pages to Watch” under Insights. Facebook displays five possible rivals by default, but you may see more by selecting “See More Suggested Pages.”

You’ll be able to get a hold of a competitor’s activity, growth rates, total likes, and frequency of postings when you add them to your monitored sites. This data will assist you in determining how you are performing and what changes you may need to make.

  1. Find Where Your Followers Are Coming From

Look for “Where your page follows happen” under Page Insights to use our TOOL #10.

Facebook displays the number of people who follow you in five places: Desktop, On Your Page, Search, Page Suggestions, and Ads. These insights can assist you in determining which methods are most effective for your consumers, so you can repeat the process.

  1. Identify Audience Signals on Page Insights

To use our TOOL #11, look for demographic information about your fans in Page Insights.

Keep an eye on the significant positives in this data, which indicate that the audience prefers a specific group. You can determine the majority of your followers’ age and gender ratios. This data aids in determining how, where, and to whom you should direct your marketing initiatives.

  1. Pull Email Addresses

TOOL#12 is a basic tool.

You may make a Facebook Messenger chatbot that requests a person’s email address. Then they just press a button to have their address pre-filled. Here, Facebook basically takes care of everything for you.

  1. Pull Phone Numbers

It’s reasonable that individuals are wary about entering their phone number on a new site. But, it’s a breeze now, thanks to chatbots. When users input the number in the chat window, Facebook immediately adds it.

TOOL #13 is quite simple, isn’t it?

  1. Website Chat Widget

TOOL #14 is quite an underrated one.

Few websites use the capabilities of a website chat widget, which is surprising. If you’ve logged into Facebook Messenger on that browser as a user, all you have to do now is click to be taken to a Messenger sequence. This chatbot-assisted process moves you farther down the sales funnel.

This funnel is self-guided, which is one of its most distinctive and powerful characteristics. You have the impression that you are in command, that you are making decisions and picking possibilities.

  1. Track Specific Facebook Conversions

TOOL #15 is a little complicated.

The benefit of using Facebook Ads Manager is that you have access to a wealth of data. It displays all of your conversion rates in one place. However, the vast majority of them are ineffective, leaving you with the task of filtering down conversion rates to those that would truly help you. It’s a little chaotic at first, but after you figure out what to track, you’ll be much more successful with your Facebook advertising.

  1. Messenger Drip Campaigns

TOOL #16 has the ability to boost the effectiveness of a drip campaign by tenfold.

A Facebook Messenger drip campaign may be finished in minutes or hours, as opposed to days or weeks for an email drip campaign.

The entire procedure can also be interactive when using a chatbot. You have the ability to provide the user more options and engage them on a deeper level.

Are you having trouble figuring out how to use our secret tools? Relax. Our experts at Innovidesign Labs have got you covered.

We are Innovidesign Labs, where creative effectiveness is unrestrained and wonderfully infinite. We specialize in visual and written communication across multiple spectrums. Whether digital, social or good ol’ print, we provide creative strategizing, branding, and even production for all communication requirements. Give us a ring or drop in. We can contemplate life, movies, and of course you.

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