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Wondering what is the next step after successfully creating your e-commerce website? Then, congratulations! You have come to the right destination. Optimization is the pillar behind all successful and lucrative ecommerce websites like amazon and flipkart!

A fully optimized website should have outstanding and flourishing SEO techniques needed to rank up in the SERPs and required to increase website traffic. It’s not just about the extrinsic visuals, graphic designs, keyword stuffing or external linking; optimization is a lot more than this!

To begin with, the legitimate usage of keywords is highly necessary. The real technique behind mastering optimization is understanding the keyword intent. Now for example, if the customer searches for the best walking shoes in the search bar, the results should highlight mainly on high branded shoes intended for walking rather than any other sport activity. Beginner SEO users should mainly focus on long tail keywords or question based informational keywords. Another smart move is using Google tools to analyse the latest trending keywords or key phrases if you want to rank up your website in search engines and increase the traffic organically.

Furthermore, to increase your website visibility, product optimization is of paramount importance. Usage of high definition videos and photos with immense clarity is a definite step for this process. Featuring verified reviews from satisfied customers, rendering best-selling products, frequently asked questions and informative descriptions are some of the many essential steps that organically increase traffic and visibility.

In addition to this, the trendiest SEO techniques to win customer hearts is practising the EAT approach which stands for Expertise, authority and trustworthiness. Accurate and rightful content will disappoint no customer ever. Featuring reviews and trustworthy and verified external and internal links are a good start while implementing the EAT process.

Lastly, the loading speed of your website is a key element in the course of optimization. To naturally increase Google traffic, the average loading speed of your website should be 2 seconds. There are a plethora of Google tools available to monitor website loading speed which can be improved for customer satisfaction.

At Innovidesign labs, beginners can learn to implement advantageous SEO techniques to rank up their e-commerce website and improve their traffic while simultaneously escaping optimization traps.

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