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Hello Boss! It appears that you require some major SEO support for your website. We’re here to assist you, so don’t worry.

This post primarily focuses on PHP and how you can utilise it to improve your SERP rankings. But before we go into the technical intricacies, let’s first have a look at what PHP is.

The Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a computer language that allows users to make their websites more dynamic and engaging. You can use PHP to execute common website operations like opening files, reading data, and closing them. To make your website more engaging, you may also include more complex and decorative elements.

The ‘Why’ of PHP?

  • When we consider PHP for SEO, our first assumption is that it is overly complex because of its peculiar and flexible syntax. However, this is untrue. Developers benefit from this freedom since it allows them to work without being constrained.
  • A simpler website is faster for Google to crawl through. PHP SEO scripts avoid the usage of too complex code, which can slow down your site. It aids in the creation of a pleasant user experience, making people want to come back for more. 
  • Using PHP, you may work from a template that already exists on other websites. This makes the learning curve in PHP far shorter than in other programming languages.

Making PHP be made more SEO-friendly

Here are some tips and tricks to make PHP, and hence your website, more SEO friendly –

  • Simple URLs are far  more effective in terms of SEO. Avoid dynamic URLs if at all possible since they are time expensive and ineffective. If you can automate this process with a built-in SEO solution like all-in-one SEO or all-in-one Joomla SEO, that’s fantastic. But if not, then its fine. There are many more pressing issues to be concerned about than the URL.
  • You can utilize a broader range of metadata which results in more keywords and greater relevance to the page the visitor is on. As a result, you must adhere to all of your basic SEO rules, such as changing meta tags and descriptions for each unique page.
  • Google favors websites that are easy to crawl, as we mentioned in the previous section. To aid Google’s crawling and navigation, you’ll need to give importance to HTML tags and create a well curated sitemap.
  • Interactive elements such as forms, clickable buttons, graphs, and charts are another method to employ PHP on your website. The objective of this activity is to make your website more user-friendly, allowing users to spend more time on the page. This reduces the bounce rate, which is a deciding factor of Google for higher ranks on the SERP.
  • Because of PHP’s open-source and the low barrier to entry for programmers, it compromises security which is a matter of concern. As a solution, you must constantly be at your best. It has a lot of security measures that might assist you.

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