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How to Write Blog Posts That Are Better Than Any Other Content Piece On The Web (And Rank Page #1)

In: Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Search Optimization

Do you want to create content that stands out from the crowd? Do you want to write posts that will completely astound your readers? You have come to the right place. Today, we’ll go through how to produce blog articles that are truly better than every other piece of content on the internet, in just 3 basic steps.

Do a competitive study on the top 10 results from a Google search for any term related to the content you’re working on.

Choose the most popular subjects from the titles, those that occur most frequently in the top 10 listings. You must have a clear understanding of what the top results are worth to visitors. User intent is the most significant thing to keep in mind.

When you’re researching the material, keeping those elements in mind can help you figure out what kind of site you’ll require. You’ll have clarity on what you’ll need to do to beat out your rivals.

Self-research is an important component of any material. Take a look at how common a keyword is, how trending it is on mobile vs computer, and how common it has been over time.

Keep an eye out for any additional relevant keywords that you might want to use in your post. Look at sites like Quora and Reddit to get a sense of what’s trending in that area.

As a result, you’ll be able to choose which keywords to use. And which topics aren’t covered by the competition which you can use for your own benefit?

Add unique media, such as statistics and visualization. Infographics or graphs, or other tools that help convey a message more quickly, such as picture carousels on social media or tutorial-based video material, are all critical.

Come up with a more attractive headline. This way, visitors are even happier when they arrive to the website since your material has completely blown them away.

From both a link and a social standpoint, it is important to see who has recommended other rival content. If someone links to a competitor’s post, they’re rather more likely to link yours too. You can approach them for the material.

Are you still undecided and in need of some guidance, or are you ready for some fantastic material on your blog? Relax. Our experts at Innovidesign Labs have got you covered.

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